Siem Reap C

One Day Tour Out Siem Reap (C)

One Day Tour C1

Battam Bang province

Visit Phnom Sampov, bamboo train, killing cave and Phnom Banon temple. This itinerary is one day round tour.

Fee : Car 120 USD (Outside Siem Reap)

One Day Tour C2

Phreah Vihear temple

The itinerary outside tour to Phreah Vihear temple is one day round tour.

Fee: car 150 USD (outside Siem Reap)


  • All possible activities base on the guest time & need

  • Price pro package pro tipe transport capacity (Tuk tuk 1-2 person) and tour area (inner/outside city)

  • Cancelation policy, please read bellow

  • Price exclude entrance ticket

  • One day round tour: trip outside Siem Reap, C1, C2