Singapore-Muslim Visit Siem Reap Cambodia

Imagine that you are going to visit somewhere in Siem Reap with along journey

Warmly Welcome to Siem Reap Cambodia! This is Singaporean Muslim explored Siem Reap Cambodia.They booked my service 3 days during they stay at Siem Reap Cambodia. 2 days for TukTuk and 1 day for the  Car,My tourist name is Audy Saber,she is so beautiful among crowed of Singaporean,On the fist day I am going to pick up my tour at Kiri Boutique Hotel to explore city tour  and we did the with a long journey and I sent her to anywhere,the tour finished after shopping and drop off  her at Hotel.This Hotel Location quite far from Siem Reap town,

Imigine that you are going to visit somewhere in Siem Reap, don't miss this temple if you are at Siem Reap Cambodia.This temple is the most popular in Angkor Thom city and clost to the Bayon temple, Bapoan temple was build in 10 century (1060) and there are 5 floor of the the temple and you can go a walk crossing with 200m long of the original bridge

After we did 2 days tour with temples,we are so boring with temples and we went to water fall to clean our eyes and we can see sleeping Budda on the sky,1000 Linga of Siva good,1000 Wells of the fist century of Khmer impire, spring water ,Trip Muslim Singapore was so fun and more happy and brilliant of tourist, Finally I would like to say from my heart to my tourist,I missed you Boss Audy Saber,I wish to meet you again near future and I will take you to other place that you never seen it before

Biggest suggestions to all Muslim at Singapore,if you traveling to Siem Reap Cambodia,please hiring me to take you around,I am so happy to welcome tourist from Singapore and easily to make contact or communicate with your language such Malaysia and English speaking tour guide,

Please feel free and  asking me about information in Siem Reap, Cambodia.mostly tourist explore Siem Reap with 3 days to 5 days,if you don't bhave time to stay here long time,we can do the tour with 3 days and we choose the best place to visit it,

Miss You Audy Saber!

Thank You!

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