Family Trip At Siem Reap

Family trip At Siem Reap by Philippine tourist 
Warmly Welcome to Siem Reap!I am Angkor Shafie Belong to FB Sen Shafie,This is my tourist from Manila,they booked my service few months before, their family knew me by Facebook group of  DIY,The first day of tour,I went to airport to fetch their family from airport at 10.15pm and drop off at Hotel

Siem Reap tour 4 days 3 nights,I am the TukTuk and Car driver and I offered to my tourist with suitable price such 150$,If another tourist visiting Siem Reap during dry season,please don't miss the car is better for you and your family,all of visitors never come 2 time,you should find the good guide that he has a good experience that makes you serveral happy,

Last day of tour at Siem Reap, Cambodia with long journey.i went to Kulen Mountain or National Park,we were so happy with my Tourist,if you plan visit Siem Reap don't forget explore this water fall,it is so amazing and fantastic

Note by Kaila Tourist we booked Sen Shafie for 4 days tour around Siem Reap. Since we have a child with us, he offered a car for the transportation instead of tuktuk because the weather is very hot. His English is understandable and he was able to communicate with us really well. He also offered to pick us up from the airport the night before the official start of our tour. Another good thing about him is that he always offer cold water and wet towel every time we finish going around from each temple / tourist destination. When I asked how much, he said no need to pay for that. When my son got tired and no longer wants to go with us inside some of the temples, Shafie took care of him while waiting for us. And like what other reviews mentioned, he is great in taking photos and he really knows where the good spots are. Moreover, he always shows up at the hotel before the agreed time for pick up. 

I fall love your falimy at Siem Reap,I don't  be sad with your falimy that was make me happy during your stay here, finally I would like you to help me something as recommend me to your family and friends at Philippine,
For another tourist from Philippine ,please don't hesitate with my service,I am the best TukTuk and Car driver at Siem Reap, Cambodia.i would appreciate visitors from Philippine if they come here and using my service,

Thank You!

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  1. Thanks so much Safi! You're an awesome guide!

    1. Hello boss,I was so proud to be your driver in Siem Reap Cambodia,I wish to see boss family again in Siem Reap,

      Maraming Salamat po!


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