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 A pretty Girls of studens-adventure at Siem Reap trust booking Angkor Shafie is one of the best service at Siem Reap,Cambodia

Good morning dear valued tourist!How are you and your family?do you have plant visiting Siem Reap?Siem Reap it's the most beautiful and amazing place,you should be here before you die,if you don't  visit Siem Teap you will regret,

This is my tourist come from Manila,there are students at uivercity  of Manila.they visited Siem Reap with temporarry time,i was so happy with my totourist whle a go,I feel missed them and i was sad now,hope they come to visit me again near future,

All my tourist are pretty girls,after i serve my tourist at Siem Reap,Cambodia.they are so happy with my service gave me a good review at my facebook page.

Hello!!! I saw Mr. Shafie via facebook group since he was recommended by the admin. And true enough, he was really an excellent tour guide. He is very punctual and patient with us and even took great pictures of our group! He happily answers whatever question we have and even jokes with us. We are very comfortable with him and he even offers free water after a long tiring day in Angkor Wat. He also extended his hand in offering us aiport transport from our hostel. Our group would DEFINITELY recommend him for those people looking for tour guides in Siem Reap!

Angkor shafie is one of the best service at Siem Reap,Cambodia.for your adventure at Siem Reap,Cambkdia.trustly Angkor shafie provide tour with the best service,please don't  looking for other guide,please deal with your booking and your reservasions.

Planning Your Siem Reap Visit When to visit?You can visit Siem Reap all year round, however, make sure to look at the climate statistics before you go and while you are there and plan your days accordingly! The weather is tropical and variable. As a rule of thumb, the weather is driest from November to March, so if you want to avoid tropical rain, then this is perhaps the best time to book your trip!
How may days?

Most tourists go to the region to visit the local temples. You can purchase different types of temple passes. However, a three day pass, and three nights in Siem Reap will be enough to fulfill any temple-goers!

Thank you to Inna Caimol,you are so pretty and friendly,i am so prod to know in Siem Reap,Cambkdia.this is my wosh may the god be near and protact you amd family forever,truly  i would like to see you a gain in Siem Reap bring you to visit the best place,

For the next visitore from philipine,if you jave plans visiting Siem Reap,Cambodia.definately i will serve you as my VIP tourist,please make sure your reservasions here or booking follow button.
Don't  hesitate please booking now!!!

I missed you sister Anna Caimol!!!

Thank You!

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