Must Seeing Asean 10 Countries

The 10 countries in Asean-Where you have been here before

First, we start from Cambodia first. We take our Angkor Wat temple because it is our pride in Cambodia, and because of this great treasure, we have attracted many national and international tours to Cambodia.
Angkor wat Cambodia-Siem Reap

The second is Burma. Is a country that is open to all sectors after democratic elections. Many investors as well as many tourists have chosen the country as a destination. This picture is in Bagan, an ancient city of Burma. During the 11th-13th century, more than 10,000 temples and pagodas were built on the territory, leaving about 2,200 today. If you were to take a flight to take a look at the whole landscape, the sunrise was really beautiful.
Bagan Myanmar angkorshafie

The third is Malaysia. Is a prosperous country. This is Petronas Twin Tower. To get to the building, you have to line up your ticket on the ground floor of the building.

The fourth is Thailand. It is the closest country to us, and most of our people are always there. This is a picture of Krabi in the southern part of Thailand. It is on the one side with Phuket, with a bright green-green sea with a hill like small islands there.
Krabi Thailand 

The fifth is Indonesia. This is the image of the famous Bali island all over the world. Bali is incredibly beautiful and amazingly inviting you to call it Tropical Paradise in the tropics.
Kaliningraf Beach-Nashida,Bali Indonesia

The sixth is Laos. It is a country that always has a lot of serenity, natural scenery, attracting naturally-deserving tourists and relaxation. This is a picture of the Kuang Si waterfall from Louang Prabang. Looks like being organized by people, but it's naturally clean, and the water is exceptionally cool when diving there.
The Guangzahou Lubang Prabang Waterfall

The seventh is Singapore. Seattle is also the most expensive city for living. Everyone may know the place in the picture, and this is Gardens By the bay. You can buy tickets to climb up the tree to cross or go upstairs to enjoy the delicious cocktail cocktails.

8th Philippines. Is a country with many small islets. So, this country has many coastal spots with beautiful scenery. Today we have a picture of Palawan, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines. Just enough, it may be a bit difficult for us, because we need to change the plane several times and have to travel on the ground, but if it is, we will not miss it.

Palawan Philippines-angkorshafie

9th Vietnam. The country bordering on us is also the tourist destination of the people of Cambodia. Also, do you all come to the north of Vietnam? This is a picture of the Sapa mountainous area of ​​Dong Van, which is a stately farm on the hillside. Looks really pretty.

Sa Pa in Vietnam-angkorshafie

10th Brunei. It's rare that you speak of the country, even in neighboring countries. So it's a bit of a challenge for our team to find a tourist destination in this country to come to you. But now what we want to see here is the king's palace, because we hear that everything is made of gold, even toilets and bathrooms. Anyone can share if you have arrived in Brunei.
Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosvue-angkorshafie

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