Talented Two Lady At Siem Reap

A-Young Lady Touring - Eliminate temples with 2 days and countiue to Hochiming City by own self
Warmly welcome to Ang kor Siem Reap Cambodia. I am Sen Shafie belong to Angkor shafie, today i would like writing abit story of my client that they visited Siem Reap during 2 days, 

Miss Julie Tuazon, she is A-young lady and pretty girl of Filipino, she came to visited Siem Reap with her friend and stay at Bousavi Boutigue Hotel, she booked my service 2 days during her stay at Siem Reap, Cambodia. On day first i am a tour guide and also local tuktuk driver at Siem Reap, i am so proud to be their guide and friend, 

Banteay Samre temple, My good tourist Julie Tuazon, she was interesting this temple while she was here, because this temples very nice temple that was build the same king build the Angkor wat temple and theirs coving is the same same to Angkor Wat wat temples, wherever we go i always folllow my tourist and i can explain and help her phorography as well as possible, 
During tour at the temple while my good tourist get on the  Tuk Tuk, and  she said very very hot in your countries, she said, this is the first time i am under the sun, i really Apologizes to you my tourist that make you feel bad with the weather, 

Ta Som temple, we enjoyed with this temple and makes makes our tour excellence , if you are at Siem Reap and you do 2 days tour, you should visit this temple and you can see the big tree on the gate of the temple, if you don't know intertaiment at Siem Reap, pease hiring Angkor Shafie to be your tour guide here! Mostly my tourist are from Philipine and the always used my service here, 

Siem Reap Tour finished  with temporary, the and venture 2 of lady finished with the smooth tour by Angkor Shafie, Julie Tuazon plans,  countiue trip to Hanoi (Viet Nam) by own self, and her friend going back to Manila, finally i wish you and your family good heathy be lucky and long life, you are is in my sold and make a good memorable during you stay here, You take good care!!! 

My name is Sen Shafie belong to Angkor Shafie, i am the best Tuk Tuk at Siem Reap, Cambodia.for the tourist come to visit Siem Reap, Cambodia. I would appreciate you and i suggestion you to take a Car during you stay here, for the dry season it was so hot and a lots of dusk, suing Car is better and you can go any where if you want, please using Accomendation Angkor Shafie, you will not regret with my service, my service provide to you as unlimited as 5 star service

For the philipine tourist, if you have any plans visit my countries, please booking your holiday here to make sure at Siem Reap, Cambodia. If you would like to do the same things of my philipine tourist and i can provide to you, don't hescitate , Angkor Shafie is one of the best service at Siem Reap, Cambodia. When you choose with the mistake peoples during your holiday, it's doesn't mean and the tour will  not fun, you spend a lot money for your adventure, why you don't choose my service? Please make booking Now for the best your Holiday!!! 

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