Philippine Backpackers-Solo In Siem Reap

Siem Reap Tour Guide-19 hours take care of her between  in Siem Reap

I am a tuktuk service and also local guide,I am very happy to take care of my beautiful sister in Siem Reap,wherever we are,I always following her to explain storycal all of the temples and also help her photography as well as possible,even if I am a little bit tired,but I have to provide my best service to her,and take her to where the interesting temples in Siem Reap,we are talking and enjoying without hassle,she is very friendly and I would like to say thank you very much for buy me a lunch,I am so shy that you spend lots of money paid somthing to drink as Cocakola,

At 3.00pm I bring her visited sunset at Bakheng Mountain,I just drop off her in front of the Bakheng Mountain and then we will meet after the sunset,after this I take her back to Wonder Hostel t chang some clothes and I transfer her to Airport,

All of photos is taken  by me.she is very happy while i take photos,I would like to say very sorry for short tour in Siem Reap,if I had mistak and also little bit tuch your skin,please for give up on me,because  All photography everyone always tuch and post for good photos,finally I wish you happiness with your family and successfully in your life,if we have a chance to meet you again,definitely I will do my best service provide to you and take you to far away to explore the beautiful temples in the jungle,

She is the beautiful of Philippine,she was smlie so pretty and her face was so smooth.I am very plucky to be her guide in Siem Reap,we were here in this morning for catch the sun Up,so many peoples are going here  watching the sunrise,after the sunrise, I take my beautiful sister to get some breakfast at Local restaurants near Pagoda in front of the Angkor Wat temple.

Bakheng Sunset. Hill of Phnom Bakheng is the crowd magnet for the end of the day. After a tiring day of dodging the sun in leafy surrounding amongst crumbling temples now is the time go up a mile in order to face it. For some reason sunsets and sunrises have become the things to do in all sorts of locations around the Earth from Machu Picchu to Borobudur. As if one cannot appreciate the glory, past and present of the place but has to have the sun improve on it somehow. So Angkor is not an exception. Instead of concentrating on the different view of Angkor Wat immersed in the greenery of the jungle the crowd prefers to pile up on the other side in hope to see the sun which most likely is going to be covered by clouds or “mist” most days anyway. Most astonishingly, the hill is a home of yet another temple, in rapid reconstruction but it has no impact on the visitors, they have been templed out – they are there to see the sun because they have not seen it somewhere else(as exotically specific as Stonehenge, Giza or Teotihuacan) yet!

Apsara Dancing With My Beautiful Sister!
First thing to know – they are not unique to Cambodia! Beautiful, supernatural women were known as Apsaras across Asia long before the Angkor era. In both Hindu and Buddhist mythology, Apsaras are female spirits of the clouds and water. They are always youthful and elegant. They danced to the music of their husbands, in the palaces of the gods. Apsaras appear in stone in many Angkor temples, carved in the 8th to 13th century. But did you know that not all females carved there are Apsaras?

Khmer female figures shown dancing are the real Apsaras. But the females shown standing still and facing forward in the manner of temple guardians are called “Devatas”. Khmer classical dance, the famous slow-motion performance art which we enjoy in Cambodia is often called Apsara Dance. The name reflects the belief that today’s Khmer classical dance is strongly connected to hundreds of years old traditions. Through modern Apsara Dance, Cambodia is linked to the times a thousand years ago, when this art was practiced for the Kings of Angkor. And surely, as they watched, those Kings knew their entertainment was inspired by the mythological Courts of the Gods and from their mysterious dancers, the youthful and elegant Apsaras.So, when you next see a Khmer woman dancing these famous moves let your mind also take you back to those mythical times.

Hold Your Hand Go A walk: This is my beautiful sister from Philippine,we are go a walk into Tomb Rider temples,we are so sweet whlile we hold of hand,it's sweet memorable in The temples,this trip we were amazing during Tour in Siem Reap,but short trip,hope one day we will meet my sister in Siem Reap again,feel lonely while she going back to her hometown.


My beautiful tourist feeling great with the smiling face of Victory Gate,she has a look at the the statue on the stone and I am a guide in Siem Reap,I explain about some story of the king Jahajavoraman VII that he was built during (12 Century)

Angkor Thom, the walled city, has 5 gates leading to it. This gate is the most famous as the king, Jayavarman VII would lead his army thru this gate when defending the kingdom. Apart from the gigantic 4 headed figures at the top of the pillars, the causeway above the moat has an exquisite depiction of the Hindu mythology of samudra manthan (churning the sea for Amrita - the nectar of immortality).
Myth has it that the Gods wanted the Amrita for themselves but were unable to churn the sea by themselves. Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, one of the supreme Gods - advised the Gods to collaborate with the demons - Asuras- to get the work done. On one side of the causeway, you see the Gods and on the other side the demons pulling the serpent Vasuki around a pivot to churn the sea. Once attained, not only the Amrita but several other things and beings are also released from the bottom of the sea such as the Apsaras as well as Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. May be the king had Lakshmi -  prosperity and fortune- in mind when deciding to depict this wonderful story on stone.

I am Angkor Shafie arrange the tour in Siem Reap,Cambodia.I am vary glad to welcome tourists from Philippine(Manila).for the backpacker Philippine,if you come to visit Angkor Wat,please booking to following button to make sure some reservations of Angkor Shafie or another contact contact following WhatSApp (+855) 81 260 270|Wechat ID SiemReapTuTukJackly.

Thank You!


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